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MOUSA promotes collective, strategic and accountable philanthropy - Wealth, Experience & Time - complementing the generation’s old spontaneous giving. Driven by compassion, an intrinsic element of Islamic values, MOUSA reaches out to deservers irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religious and social beliefs. MOUSA is an independent, non-governmental, non-political, non-for-profit charitable organization registered in USA as 501(c)(3)organization.



Haqooq-Ul-Allah (rights of God Almighty on us) and Haqooq-Ul-Ibad (rights of all living beings on us) are the two most important aspects of Islam. A Muslim, follower of Islam, can’t complete his/her faith without actively exercising Haqooq-Ul-Allah and Haqooq-Ul-Ibad- known as philanthropy in today’s world.

Islam holds a great distinction for its emphasis on the rights of others – all beings – and for that matter gives tremendous importance to charity and welfare of God’s creations around us. In Quran, the holy book of Muslims, clearly says “Humanity is but a single brotherhood: So, make peace with your brethren.

49:10”. The Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessing be upon him said “Allah will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to mankind”.The great companion of Prophet Muhammad PBUH Hazrat Ali said “If someone is not your brother in faith, he is your brother in humanity.”

Serving humanity is classically associated with charity or sharing wealth; however, in Islam It is not limited to just wealth but also sharing experience/expertise and time for the betterment of fellow being.

Every year, Muslims around the globe contribute significant portion of their wealth to humanitarian causes but these giving are often personal, poorly organized and as a result not well-known to the world. In addition, Muslim Philanthropy is challenged by prejudice, suspicion and negative publicity, thus limiting its ability to fund deserving programs which serves humanity.

MOUSA is a network of affluent & expert individuals, grant making foundations and socially responsible businesses to advance and promote collective, strategic and accountable philanthropy that complement the generation-old conventional charity.

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MOUSA foresees peaceful, unbiassed and sustainable societies generously supported by collective, strategic and accountable philanthropy.



MOUSA is devoted to the fundamental principal of Islam of serving humanity through Wealth, Expertise and Time (WET) - believing that collective philanthropy is far more effective than individual philanthropy.  It aims to complements and enhances the generations-old conventional charity with collective, strategic and accountable philanthropy for all beings.

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